Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead

Zombie Army: Legion of the Dead was the first project we made at Rebellion VFX, I was there from the beginning and it was a great project to get everything started. This cinematic helped us to establish the workflow, pipeline and tools we needed going forward.

It was also a new frontier, figuring out how we could use Unreal Engine to create the cinematic in real-time but still use traditional VFX compositing to add an extra level of quality and finish. We also heavily utilised the awesome assets directly from the game, increasing fidelity and making adjustments when needed. Thanks to the Rebellion game team!

On this project I created storyboards and animatics to visualise our goal early on. I then created concepts and matte paintings. The sky in every shot apart from a couple was a custom skydome that I painted projected onto a dome in the real-time scene. Hopefully i can show more of this soon.

Thanks to Christian Johnson (https://www.artstation.com/plazma) who was our director on the project, it was a pleasure working with you and to He Sun (VFX supervisor) for bringing me on board at Rebellion VFX to help kick off something great!

August 20, 2021