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Despite concept art being my full-time job for the past 3+ years, art and being creative has been pivotal in my life for longer than I can remember. From spending countless hours gaming as a kid to sitting for days in front of my monitor watching behind the scenes documentary's for films and games; I find it purely fascinating to watch groups of creative individuals produce something so much larger than themselves that can bring such fun and awe to many others even after it is finished. I love nothing more than being part of this experience and to inspire those like myself to step into the industry and create their own adventures. This is why I frequently try my best to make an effort to give back, from visiting my past universities to mentor the students to providing my own support to those who email me or contact me via my website, I love this whole journey and also want others to experience the joys of it too.

Work Experience

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Additional Skills


Rebellion - Concept Artist - December 2016 - Present 
• Aiding development of AAA titles through concept art and related skills.
• Poster Illustration and early concept work for Mega City One TV Series.

Rebellion - Junior Concept Artist - January 2015 - Present 
• Aiding development of AAA titles through concept art and related skills.
• Sniper Elite 4, Battlezone VR and one other unannounced AAA title.

Supermassive Games (Sony) - Production Art Intern - June to August 2013 
• Until Dawn (PS4) - 3D greybox paintovers, Prop and interior concept artwork. 
• Unnanounced Mobile Game - Initial blue sky concept design and mock up artwork. 

Freelance Part Time - Concept Artist - June 2011 – Present
• Devoid Studios - Dusk - All major character, environment, concept design as well the promotional artwork.
• GCT Studios - Bushido - Promotional and environment designs for table top game board illustration and book.
• Fractured Pixels / Marvel - Background paintings for a fighting game pitch, still under NDA.
• Supermassive Games (Sony) - Storyboard Artist on Until Dawn (PS4).
• Leading Light Design - NDA - Producing concept art, promo art and more as a remote contract artist.

Plymouth College of Art - Teaching Assistant - May 2011 to February 2012
• Mentor for weekly peer-to-peer digital art sessions during term time along side studies.

The Rydan Workshop - Teaching Assistant - September 2011 to July 2012
• Giving feedback on students work via mid-week forums and assisting Luke Church during ‘Into To Digital Concept Art’ lectures and Geoff Taylor during ‘Digital Entertainment Design’ lectures.

Moderate knowledge of 3D software - 3dsmax, Maya, Zbrush, Ndo2

Experience with 3D pipeline - Unwrapping, Texuring, Low poly, High Poly

Basic knowledge of game engines - (Unity, UDK)

Imagine FX - Issue 75 - Artwork ‘Kobo the Merchant’ process sheet featured in the develepment sheet section.

3D Artist Magazine - Issue 36 - Artwork ‘Hidden City’ featured with Rydan Workshop as part of a course feature.

Disney Interactive Studios - Production Internship - Top 8 in the UK to receive an interview for year long paid placement.


BA(HONS) in Design for Games - UCA Farnham - September 2012 to May 2014 - Graduated 1st Class Honours

Titus Lunter Private Mentorship - March 2014

CGMA James Paick Environment Design 1 - August 2013 - October 2013

The Rydan Workshop - Geoff Taylor Digital Entertainment Design - September 2011

The Rydan Workshop - Luke Chuch Intro to Digital Concept Art - May 2011

FD in Design for Games - Plymouth College of Art- September 2010 to July 2012

References available upon request.

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